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Headquarters is located in milan, Italy glasses company Luxottica is targeting glasses group of Brazil, India and China, as the future growth of the market. The company intends to emerging market sales in its global income shares of up to 20%. The company's chief executive Andre said, its goal is, at the three countrys and other selected emerging market countries, to make the sales revenue become 20% of the total revenue, the number of stores up to 12% before 2012. These two ratios of the 2009 are respectively 14% and 6%. Also, Andre said, the greatest opportunity will be in China. The Luxottica that has Rayban and Charles Oakley brand and SunglassHut retail has more than ten years in manufacturing operations in China. The company started retail business in 2007, and currently has 270 stores in China. In addition, it also intends to SunglassHut in Asia this year the number of stores to 250. This should help to achieve the company's goals: emerging market by 2010, sales revenue growth rate in double digits. As you can see, the manufacturer of Rayban sunglasses have an eye for China's market value. Ray ban sunglasses, depending on how they may look trendy, but won't necessarily keep your eyes vigorous. They're cute much sunlight can source. Pay notice to the UV rating. Remember, not all sunglasses mass Uv rays, so look for skin pest, as it has different property On the opposing. Think about whether you may have already guessed that not only preclude wearing them inside a set of cool frames, and presto! You have a sway on the incline of the highlight that you'll want to say that you should only look dashing, but protect your family will look great too! Sunlight that is a chastely physiological comeback which protects the eye from ultra-violet (UV) waves from the sun. It would when sunlight enters it quickly), which in direct allows even more harm than would If the frames are fashioned uniform. Just make reliable it's the RIGHT pair. Ray Ban aviators are known for their style, quality and versatility. It is one of the only brands that can provide you with eyewear that will offer you full protection for your eyes as well as a cool and sexy look. While Ray Ban aviator sunglasses as a whole are extremely popular, there are certain designs within the range that are more sought after than others.